The Sena's


Slightly different/weird cartoony take on him.

ISCA 2010

Here is my wall from the 2010 ISCA convention, It was my first time winning any awards at a convention. I won 1st place in Cartoon Style, and 8th place overall, and all of the other Beastheads won awards too.

Fresh Meat 2

Noor Jehangir from MTV's Fresh Meat 2 challenge

Cedar Point Drawings

Superhero family.

Cedar Point "Gristmill Hen"

Dan Shoaf slappin some bass.


Pat as a zombie slayer. I meant to add this to the other zombie slayers I drew a few posts back.


Drew this last month when Aaron Philby visited Sandusky.

More Shaunas

So for Shauna's birthday i drew her a bunch of times. Heres a few of em.