Freshly baked

This is a sketch I did of rapper "Chamillionaire".

This is a random face that I saw in a myspace bulletin.

Jeff, Part 1...

Jeff, the SEQUEL...

I drew this sketch of Andrew Vasquez, he's a fellow caricature artist at Sea World of San Antonio. He asked me to draw him in exchange for his Gray Prismacolor stick (they stopped making those and are rare to see an artist have unless they stocked up before the discontinuation.

This is Piotr.

This is a guy from the NCN named "Piotr" (yes thats spelled correctly). I'm not sure how to pronounce his name though.

Thats a seahorse.

Thats an octopus.

Davy Jones in his own locker from Pirates of the Caribbean.

This was drawn at a draw party. Its of this girl Meagan that I work with.


NCN member.