Ball Hog

Me, Aaron, and Nate all drew Kobe Bryant. We used about 4 or 5 different reference pics of him, and heres one of them. BUT, its all about them San Antonio Spurs!!!

These'll do fer now

This couple was awesome, the guy was kind of a loudmouth and the wife kept keepin him in check.

Im not sure why but i drew the top 2 with similar eyes. Weird. Also, the 2 bottom guys wouldnt let me draw them with their shades off. I would've rather had the opportunity to draw their eyes but they wanted their cool sunglasses on.

These 3 were all in the military. Looks like we got lil' Aaron Philby in the background creeping up on this unsuspecting girl.

When I was drawing this guy and his girl, I asked him to turn his head 3 quarters view, but after the sketch when i took this picture he turned his head back to a frontal. Mayne.

This is Chris. He's a Sea World employee that works as a park entrance photographer.

This guy wanted a specific soccer pose and i shrunk his neck in an attmept to make it flow a little better, but i regret it completely.

This sketch was the only demo of this post. He reminded me of one of my friends back in San Antonio.

Mad Mike

Mike McGraw.

Nelson Saints

Me, Nate Kapnicky, Pat, and Aaron Philby all drew Nelson Santos from the NCN Firing Squad.

Big Al

Al Lopez from the NCN. Me, Philby, Nate, Pat, and Oakes all drew him at Aaron's apartment.


This is Jon Laing from the NCN. I was over at Nate Kapnicky and Aaron Philby's apartment the other night and Nate had the idea of all three of us drawing the same person to see how cool each of us would draw him. It was awesome.