NCN Inspiration

Sketch I did of this REALLY funny comedian I saw on Comedy Central, he's really fat and he kinda has a high voice. I dont know his name though...If anybody knows his name let me know...

Sketch of my friend Daniel. i liked the sketch but the picture i took is horrible. I need a new camera, the one I have now is 1.3 megapixels, thats weak.

Sketch I did of Grigor. He wanted me to draw him so I did. (Micron pen and photoshop for the color)

Sketch I drew of "Art Ninja" for the NCN forums.

My VERY FIRST painting. Haha I know its not good but I'll get better at it. I couldn't think of anyone to paint, so I painted my friend Megan.


jeff said...

that grigor sketch is nuts foo.
that shit is awesome
you good
you good.

jeff said...

the new one looks like he has a twig for a nose.
and the rest of him is a trunk.