Park demos...

Shaggy hair.

Quiet kid.


Grumpy and scruffy.

Shy dad.

This little girl is probably the most exaggerated sketch ive ever done.

This guy was in a hurry. I dont know why he sat for this demo.

I hate this sketch. This couple was cool but while i was drawing it, Andy kept tryin to tell me what to draw and where to draw it and how I should do it, and that totally distracted me and threw me off a little bit. But its cool, Andy's a fun guy and hes a really good artist with a cool style and he appreciates all kind of art.

This guy was awesome, but caricatures werent in his budget. But he loved this demo.


Aaron said...

I'm sure Andy will get the message.

jeff said...

a little refection?

some uh

park demo
a little of that?

some uh
people gettin drid
i think.