Sketches of me (Part II)

Drawn by Aaron Philby. This was done in his sketchbook for the NCN forums. My eyes are little creatures and my eyebrows are little bugs.

Drawn by Chris Rommel. NCN convention.

Drawn by Eggs Philby. 07 Convention. This was done at the bar in the hotel. (Under 6 minutes...)

Drawn by Eggs Philby. 07 Convention.

Drawn by Aaron Philby. 07 Convention. (Under 3 minutes...)

Drawn by Brian Oakes. From the 2007 NCN convention. He got my pajamas perfect.

Done by Gabe Hunt. From the 2007 NCN convention. Its made of construction paper.

Drawn by Joe Bluhm. He drew this a while back at the 2007 NCN convention, and it was finished in under 8 minutes for the "park sketch" category.

Drawn by Eggs Philby. This was done today at the stand. It was slow and i kept twirling my marker. I have high pants.

Drawn by Aaron Philby. This was done right after the one above this. He just couldnt decide on which body he should do. In this one its obviously Christmas and I got some presents from Al Roker and Santa Claus.

Drawn by Jeff. This was done on a mexican restaurant napkin on one of my last days in San Antonio. In the sketch im holding my camera.

Drawn by Jeff. That tiny green thing is an afro pick.

Drawn by Angel.


Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

I also used cardboard.
Any ol artist can use construction paper, but it takes talent and skilz to master cardboard.

The ear Joe drew on your sketch is.... well..its... to d@mn good to explain

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jeff said...

those philby ones are fuckin cool

but uh

i can be lettin him just go around draw kev more than i draw kev


imuh go get it
holla at that new sketch tho