These'll do fer now

This couple was awesome, the guy was kind of a loudmouth and the wife kept keepin him in check.

Im not sure why but i drew the top 2 with similar eyes. Weird. Also, the 2 bottom guys wouldnt let me draw them with their shades off. I would've rather had the opportunity to draw their eyes but they wanted their cool sunglasses on.

These 3 were all in the military. Looks like we got lil' Aaron Philby in the background creeping up on this unsuspecting girl.

When I was drawing this guy and his girl, I asked him to turn his head 3 quarters view, but after the sketch when i took this picture he turned his head back to a frontal. Mayne.

This is Chris. He's a Sea World employee that works as a park entrance photographer.

This guy wanted a specific soccer pose and i shrunk his neck in an attmept to make it flow a little better, but i regret it completely.

This sketch was the only demo of this post. He reminded me of one of my friends back in San Antonio.

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I'm beautiful