Singleton Squared

Singleton, giving Brent a scare.

Singleton again. This is the expression he makes when hes dumbfounded.


singleTON said...

ooohhhhhh god this is brent and i wanted to just say how flawless your drawings are. ohhhh i just cumed my pants lol.
bad ass sketches little woooobert
thank you

justfrancesca said...

I really like it, Kev!

Hey, are you coming out for the summer?

Randy Delgado said...

oh man!LOL!!!

this is great!

Im so mad at someone!

Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

He looks like this most of the time;)

Anonymous said...

these make my teeth wiggle. I enjoy the scare one in particular.

linz said...

these are freaking hilarious! Look at the little arms!

singleTON said...

kev your drawings make my teeth wiggle every time i see them!!!!!