More Shaunas

So for Shauna's birthday i drew her a bunch of times. Heres a few of em.


tomo said...

These are funny as usual.
haha~great one of your mug:)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE MY SKETCHES! THEY'RE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) thank you SOOOO much!

Aaron said...

That's awesome. I love the color you give her skin, and seeing her different subtle expressions.

Derek Edwards said...

Love the hungry Kev one. Very cool

Jeff Pecina said...

hahaha. These are all awesome. The one of you two is my favorite. I guess I should start sketchin something up.


Hi Kevin,
Recently discovered your amazing caricatures.

I want to commission a color caricature done in the same technique of the recent images of this blog.

Can you let me know the price?

I´m Marcelo Guerra, from Argentina.
I´m caricaturist too and since many years ago collect caricatures of my face done by my favorite artists.

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